[Bug 7939] Hang while loading snd-nm256 module

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> > hmmmmm can you try to boot the kernel with irqpoll option and try the 2 modules?
> booted using "single irqpoll" and then entered "modprobe snd-nm256
> reset_workaround=1".  Result: solid lock-up.
> This was with the original snd-nm256 module.  What is the expected result of
> irqpoll?  Some output?  Did not seem to do anything.  Will try with your patched
> module next.

There is no output change either than a couple of lines in the dmesg. It is a
way of handling irqs.

> > but that "nm256: found ??? in video RAM: 0x27ec00" is really weird..
> ok wrote it down better now. The lines reads:
> nm256: found card signature in video RAM: 0x27ec00

this is clearly misdetection... I will have to test another patch
i saw upstream. I am preparing another test module for you.


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