[Bug 7213] Array 6 Install CD AND Live CD fails to boot

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Fri Mar 18 22:12:19 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From mattisking at pobox.com  2005-03-18 22:12 UTC -------
Well, for what it's worth, Array 7 does the trick for me. I downloaded both the
Live CD and Installer images via Torrent. I ran the Live CD on my secondary
machine (for which this bug was originally posted) and it ran great. I then ran
the Live CD on my primary PC (which only first started working with Array 6) and
it continued to work well. I'm typing this message from within Mozilla running
off the Live CD on my primary PC. Behind me my secondary PC is successfully
reinstalling a new image of Ubuntu Hoary from the Array 7 install CD. So for me
at least, I think the problem is fixed. I won't touch the status, however, as it
appears it's not fixed for everyone but my 2 machines couldn't be less similar
and it's working great. Awesome job to all.

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