[Bug 6318] hoary should probably include ndiswrapper 1.0

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------- Additional Comments From bugzilla at blorf.net  2005-03-18 04:46 UTC -------
FYI, I was not able to get the 1.0rc2 version to work with my HP pavilion zd7000
laptop, but I did get my build of 1.1 to work just fine (note that I had
previously had the wireless working under SimplyMEPIS 3.3 before I installed
Ubuntu, so I knew what it took to get it going).  All the syslog messages
indicated success under 1.0rc2, but the light on the built-in wireless never
came on, and I was unable to scan for networks or connect.  After upgrading to
1.1, the same driver I was trying to use under 1.0rc2 worked on the first try
(of course, I re-installed the driver due to a change in the symlink naming in
the /etc/ndiswrapper dirs).

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