[Bug 13046] Kernel lockup when stressing s/w raid on Promise TX2plus SATA cards

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Thu Jul 28 14:03:37 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From hvy4-idbo at dea.spamcon.org  2005-07-28 15:03 UTC -------
OK, I'll start doing some swapping of disks between cards this weekend.  But all the disks are new, all the 
cards are new and all the cables are new. And the system they are in has two PSUs, one dedicated to some of 
the hard drives, but I can also try doing some switching around in this area.

I might also try using some older kernels (and thus older libata). Any idea what's the oldest one I can use 
with Hoary? I perhaps I can try a Warty install.

I can also try hitting the disks one at once - certainly using dd on /dev/sde rather than /dev/md1 triggers 
exactly the same errors. What's odd is that the other array is rock solid - I've hammered it to try and 
trigger a similar error but it's worked flawlessly.

Anyway, thanks for the advice. Looks like I have a fun weekend ahead of me.


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