[Bug 12987] internal kernel memory corruption caused by inotify not validating input from userspace

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desrt at desrt.ca changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|lots of kernel oopses caused|internal kernel memory
                   |by using inotify syscalls   |corruption caused by inotify
                   |                            |not validating input from
                   |                            |userspace

------- Additional Comments From desrt at desrt.ca  2005-07-27 08:48 UTC -------
OK.  More info:

This bug occured because Ubuntu's syscall numbers are out of sync with those of
the official kernel.  That's not really the bug, though.  But basically:

I did
# define __NR_inotify_init      291
which in Ubuntu's kernel is actually inotify_rm_watch.

Just because of the way it worked out, the first argument to the call ends up
being 0.

So I end up effectively calling inotify_rm_watch( 0, [junk] );

The inotify code in the kernel (including upstream) does a lookup on the FD but
doesn't check what *type* of fd it is (in the case of '0' it refers to stdin) 
Inotify then treats the private_data member of the file descriptor in question
as an inotify datatype (even if it's not!)  This results in corruption in the
kernel and leads to the PTY oopses.

>From upstream (vanilla) kernel source:

asmlinkage long sys_inotify_rm_watch(int fd, u32 wd)
        struct file *filp;
        struct inotify_device *dev;
        int ret;

        filp = fget(fd);
        if (!filp)
                return -EBADF;
        /* no check to see what type of fd we're dealing with */
        dev = filp->private_data;    /* we don't know what type this
private_data is! */
        ret = inotify_ignore (dev, wd);
        return ret;

Will email Robert about this.

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