[Bug 12916] USB Mass Storage devices write 100 times slower than they are reading

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Mon Jul 25 10:00:11 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From spam.to.f at lkenhagen.de  2005-07-25 11:00 UTC -------
Hi im using the kernel versions 2.6.12-4-686 (which doesnt work) and
2.6.10-34-686 (which works). I today verified the Bug with writing the data to
the stick (very slow) and reading it back to my hdd after rebooting. (fast) 
ehci_hcd               34248  0
uhci_hcd               31184  0
are loaded. But even if i rmmod uhci_hcd it remains the same, writing slow (30
minutes) reading fast. (30 secs)

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