[Bug 12916] USB Mass Storage devices write 100 times slower than they are reading

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------- Additional Comments From fabbione at ubuntu.com  2005-07-25 05:30 UTC -------
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> When i plug in a usb mass storage device, according to dmesg everything works
> well. But as i try to write e.g. 70 MB of data to my usbsticks (tested one
> noname and one built by hama) it will take half an hour. Once the data is
> written i can copy it back to my harddrive within less than 15 seconds.

What kernel version are you using exactly?

> If i try
> to use the current stable hoary kernel 2.6.10-686, data is written in about 30
> secs and read in 15, so it cant be the stick. Attached to this message there is
> the dmesg output.

Reading time is tricky.. did you umount and unplug/replug the device before reading?
If not, you didn't even access the device (or partially) and all data have been
pulled from the cache.

> regards 
> jan
> [4294822.416000] usb 4-2: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address

Can you please try and make sure that no other _hcd modules are loaded and repeat
the test?


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