[Bug 12546] kernel cannot open root device after upgrade

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------- Additional Comments From michael at endbracket.net  2005-07-09 05:37 UTC -------
I had libc6 version 2.3.5.something on my Hoary install.  I had Breezy repos in
my APT sources.list for a short time, so I guess it came from there.

I tried manually installing an older kernel package (-34.2) over my current
package (-34.3) and noticed an error message relating to cpio and libc.  I found
a reference to this message in Ubuntu Forums.

It seems there is an incompatibility between the newer libc in Breezy and the
older kernels from Hoary.  This would be a worthwhile note in upgrade or release
notes for Breezy if it is still a problem when it releases.  The other obvious
option is to make libc6 2.3.5 conflict with linux-{386,k7,etc.} <= 2.6.10-7.

I was able to fix my system by manually installing libc6 from my Hoary install
CD, running "apt-get -f install", then reinstalling "ubuntu-desktop".

Feel free to mark this minor severity or lower priority, but for some people
it's a critical issue, so it would be nice to discuss solutions and resolve it
if possible.

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