[Bug 16863] ACER 3201cxi Laptop hangs when loading ac module

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Sat Dec 31 01:52:36 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From beercz at hotmail.com  2005-12-31 01:52 UTC -------
I do System->Logout->Suspend the computer to suspend it.

It fails in that I have to switch the laptop off completely (holding the power
button in for 10 seconds) as I can't recover from the suspend, and completelt
restart it again from scratch.

Hibertaion (System->Logout->Hibernate the computer) partially works.  After
hibernation, when I (momentarily) press the laptop's power button, the system is
restored to it's previous state.  Except it is sluggish, particulary with my
logitec usb mouse.  It becomes almost unworkable.

The laptop's hotkey for suspend/hibernate does not work either.

The output from 'sudo dmidecode' is in the attached file dmidecode.txt

I have also noticed that during boot the following error occurs:

'Setting sensor limits => fail'

Not sure if this has anything to do with the problem, but I'd thought I'd
mention it.


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