[Bug 21575] framebuffer blank/corrupted unless "splash" used with "vga="

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Sat Dec 31 01:13:09 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From a.parseg at gmail.com  2005-12-31 01:13 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #4)
> Generally one does not need a framebuffer in order for the screen to work. If
> nothing is loaded, then normal boot text mode should be what's operating.

Indeed, without framebuffer a normal 80x25 boot occurs. The vga= argument (with
a vesa code) forces the use of the framebuffer (not so long ago a kernel
recompile was needed to put it in...)

> When does your screen become blank? Do you see the grub loader? Do you see any
> initial lines if you remove the "quiet" argument from the boot options? 

I am not using "quiet".
I always see the grub loader ; the screen blanks right after grub output (where
it summarizes where it starts from, what it loads etc), when the actual boot
messages would start.

> Please send a full dmesg.
Will be provided shortly, after rebooting under the appropriate conditions.

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