[Bug 18232] Wrong video resolution on Powerbook G3 Lombard

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------- Additional Comments From tjm at gmx.org  2005-12-27 17:57 UTC -------
Hello Ben

I downloaded the latest Dapper ISO before Flight2 and tried a new install. There
was a little difference. After booting into console video and displaying "arch:
exit" shortly an Open Firmware screen was shown that displayed that the ATI Rage
LT Pro has been found at its OF-address. Then booting went back to console video
and went on.

But unfortunately whatever modeline I tried, the only one that worked was
video=ofonly. All other approaches lead to 'Out of Sync' or 'Out of Range'
errors on the external monitor. Using another VGA-cable made no difference!

The resolution in console and X11 was still stuck at 640x480 at 2930 Hz.... no way
to change it.

I gave up and installed Ubuntu Server on the PowerBook G3 Lombard so I do not
need the display anymore... 

Btw.: The Dapper installer did not check for other OSes on my drive and forgot
to add my OS X partition to the yaboot.conf, but this is another bug to file)

Unfortunately this renders my PowerBook unusable as a mobile Ubuntu-Desktop
device to show others in order to convince them to switch to Ubuntulinux with
their Old-G3-Mac-Mobiles too... :-(((

Hopefully this gets fixed in the Dapper final release...

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