[Bug 21487] Network card does not work in Dapper

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Tue Dec 27 16:12:29 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From therealboxerboy at gmail.com  2005-12-27 16:12 UTC -------
when i upgrade to dapper from breezy using dist-upgrade it removes hotplug and a
few other things also i have to do apt-get -f install a few times. once in
dapper internet doesnt work. from the dapper install cd i get failed to load
kernel modules but if i continue i than get nic card not detected if i get by
that it than tells me after i partion the drive it cant mount the filesystem
ext3 it is not a supported filesystem. so from install i cant even boot to
dapper let alone install it. this is where im kinda stuck i enjoyed testing
breezy with very little to no problems from colony 3cd til now. i would love to
try dapper out.

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