[Bug 1940] ibook doesn't "wake up"

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------- Additional Comments From rq at akl.lt  2005-12-26 19:23 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #97)
> > Oh,
> > 
> > And don't you think a situation potentially leading to loss of data even on a
> > single-user system not connected to internet, and even without him (the user)
> > executing some arbitrary code IS a security issue?
> I've never heard of losing data as being a security issue. Unless of course you
> lost it to someone else.

Here's a similar entry in the kernel changelog:
  * [SECURITY]: Fix a typo with the overtemp code in the g5 thermal driver can
    cause abrupt shutdowns on some machines. Theoretically a user could perform
    a local DoS abusing the CPU to the point where the machine will shutdown:
    - Add patch drivers-macintosh-thermpm72_CVE-2005-XXXX.dpatch.

Not much difference from our situation, except that you don't need to heat up
the CPU to trigger this bug, just closing the lid is enough.
I still don't get it - why can't a patch that is ready be incorporated into your
kernel along with (other) security patches?..

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