[Bug 20545] SiS driver performance regression with linux-image-2.6.15-7-686

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Sat Dec 24 18:50:02 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From tiagomatos at gmail.com  2005-12-24 18:50 UTC -------
I guess I've nailed the problem:

I tried booting breezy's 2.6.12-10-686 kernel with the 'lapic' option and it too
dropped the sis drivers' memcpy benchmark to the levels I get with 2.6.15-9-686.
Obviously as dapper's kernel is now SMP enabled I couldn't desable the APIC
emulation no matter what boot options I tried (noapic, nolapic). Thus I tried
again with 2.6.15-9-386 but it too doesn't want to disable APIC with those boot

So that's the source of the problem, now I'd like solutions :-)

BTW, if I enable EXA in xorg.conf I get some decent performance but the memcpy
benchmarks remain crappy. I wonder how much good would EXA be with a fast memcpy...

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