[Bug 21202] external firewire sbp2 login timeout

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Fri Dec 23 03:25:24 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From desrt at desrt.ca  2005-12-23 03:25 UTC -------
Some notes:

kernel upgrade did not help
powerbook in target disk mode attached to the PC works
harddrive in the same enclosure attached to the PC works
cd-rom drive does not work when attached to the PC does not work
cd-rom drive when attached to my laptop works (in both macosx and ubuntu)
removing the cd-rom drive and putting in a different one works even on the PC

i'm going to assume that there is some weird border behaviour in the chipset of
the enclosure that is aggrivated by the particular CD-ROM drive and only causes
problems to manifest on the PC.

in every way this problem is solved for me and i'm reasonably convinced that
this isn't a software problem.

i'll leave the bug open since simo 'me too'd it but as far as i'm concerned it's

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