[Bug 20771] general: 2.6.12-10 regressions from 2.6.12-9

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------- Additional Comments From ubuntu at ytene.org  2005-12-21 21:43 UTC -------
Ben / Fabio,
Some more information for you. On Monday [19th] I tried another installation of
5.10, this time on a different AMD64 SMP architecture. My original post was
based on a struggle with a Tyan Thunder K8W running with two Opteron 250's. On
Monday I successfully completed an SMP installation on my other machine, an
A-Bit AV8 Motherboard with an Athlon64X2 4200 CPU. To my surprise this worked
perfectly and I write this to you know from this same hardware. I am running
with kernel image


and to my surprise and delight nothing else was necessary in order to get the
system to accept this image. This K8 kernel may still bork on my Opteron box
[will try at the weekend, will need a complete rebuild] but at least I have one
SMP system back  ;o)

I'll try testing the other kernels and report that, too.



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