[Bug 15978] Intenal network interface on IBM T22 Thinkpad not being detected

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Wed Dec 21 04:09:30 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From Sajjad_Khaliq at yahoo.com  2005-12-21 04:09 UTC -------
Downloaded and tried Dapper Live CD, and the internal IBM Ethernet interface is
recognised as ETH0, and works perfectly.

However, with Dapper, my Belkin PCMCIA FD6020 Wireless Card is not successful in
obtaining an IP number when set to DHCP. The Wireless card shows as being
present in Network Toools as ETH1, and becomes active when activated. The
Wireless network is also detected, but the IP number and settings are not obtained.

I am not sure whether I downloaded Dapper Flight CD 1 or 2.

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