[Bug 21308] Trashing hell

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------- Additional Comments From ben.collins at ubuntu.com  2005-12-20 20:25 UTC -------
Detecting it is not he point. Deciding that you do want to kill that process is
the point. What if that process is a 3D rendering program? That's something a
desktop user would want that could take up massive amounts of CPU and memory,
and likely do a lot of trashing. Do they want us to kill that process by
default? Probably not. In fact, we'd be a rediculous OS if we did do it by default.

What you want is process limits established for the user. These are hard and
soft limits that can be placed on the amount of memory (phys and virtual) and
cpu that a user or process can use. You can set this up yourself now with the
system you already have installed.

As such, if you feel that the default system needs these limits, then by all
means file a bug on the proper package (hint, it's not the kernel, since
userspace sets these limits, and the kernel merely enforces them). Try GDM or

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