[Bug 21180] Mouse buttons unreliable with recent kernels

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------- Additional Comments From ben.collins at ubuntu.com  2005-12-17 23:46 UTC -------
Ok, here's what I need you to do if you could. Download the file I will attach
after this comment (evtest.c).

Perform these commands:

make evtest
(this should create a program called evtest)

This program will print the raw events for input devices, straight from the
kernel. There are probably several event devices in /dev/input/ (event0, event1,
etc). To find the one for your mouse do this:

more /proc/bus/input/devices

Find the device for your mouse, and look at the Handlers line. You should see
one eventX entry. Remember that.

Now do:

sudo ./evtest /dev/input/eventX
(where eventX is the event0, or whatever you found in the last step)

As soon as you execute this command you should start seeing a lot of events
coming through (including a lot of mouse scroll events). You can lift your mouse
off the mouse pad to keep from getting those events, so you can test your mouse

If your mouse works well here (proper press/release events), then the bug is in
X and not the kernel. The purpose of this is to find where the problem lies.
Honestly, with our bluetooth and synaptics mice acting the same, I suspect
something other than the kernel.

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