[Bug 17430] USB errors when boot T41p in docking station: device descriptor read/64, error -71

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------- Additional Comments From Stevan_White at hotmail.com  2005-12-17 11:12 UTC -------
I may look into this upgrade.

I have more information however:

1) I now have several USB devices. A USB 1.1 memory stick, a Nikon CoolPix S3
camera and a USB 2 memory stick.
   * The slow stick and the camera work without problems.  
   * The USB 2 stick mounts, then unmounts, repeatedly when it is inserted,
until it finally un-mounts and the light goes off.  
   * Log messages appear that look like the ones I reported before with the
docking station.  

2) The same stick on the same laptop also has problems in Windows, however: It
will periodically become unavailable.  

3) The same stick on a co-worker's laptop of the same model running a similar
Ubuntu mounts, and stays mounted.

I wonder if I have a bad USB hub on this laptop (although--I think the camera is
fast USB...)

I ran the laptop's built-in diagnostics (except the external one), but they
didn't flag anything.

Any ideas?

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