[Bug 17291] Webcam causing system to lock up

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------- Additional Comments From ben.collins at ubuntu.com  2005-12-16 12:54 UTC -------
> Why not simply post a kernel update for Breezy. I don't think requiring people
> to upgrade to a (still) unstable and preliminary release is acceptable. I have
> done so in the past, only to come back to a stable release so moving to Dapper
> at this stage is not acceptable to me.

The primary reason is that there has been nothing specifically done to fix this.
I just want to know if the latest kernel contains fixes that were done by
upstream (why waste the time tracking this down in breezy, when the newer kernel
may already work?). The only way I can know that is for someone who can
reproduce the bug to try it out. You don't have to upgrade. You can simply boot
the liveCD (runs right off the CD, doesn't even touch the harddrive).

If no one tests this, and attempts to help debug it for dapper, then when dapper
is released, it will likely still be broken, and then it wont be fixed there either.

Since there is nothing to backport to breezy (and since breezy is only taking
security updates at this point), it needs to be resolved in dapper.

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