[Bug 14795] Irda: nsc-ircc needs module options to work correctly

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------- Additional Comments From mika.fischer at gmx.de  2005-12-15 12:45 UTC -------
Hi, Ben! 
I don't think it's irda-utils (namely /etc/rcS.d/S47irda-setup). 
The module gets loaded in /etc/rcS.d/S10udev which calls /sbin/udevplug 
I suspect that this loads the module and now after thinking about it again I suspect it even loads it with 
the right parameters (from /etc/modprobe.d/nsc-ircc) and the real reason why it doesn't work is that the 
serial UART needs to be deactivated before the module is loaded. 
Anyway at the time S47irda-setup is run, the module is already loaded and in a non-working condition so it 
can't really be blamed. 
What could be tried is to blacklist all FIR-modules so that udev leaves them alone and irda-setup can do 
it's job which is a bit more that just modprobing the right module. 
Another option could be to instruct modprobe to disable the uart before loading a FIR module. 
If you can tell me how to do either of the above I'm willing to test that. 
And thanks for the effort of investigating this bug :) 

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