[Bug 20622] powernow-k7 doesn't appear to work with linux-image-2.6.15-7-k7

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Wed Dec 14 22:27:36 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From michael at livia.co.nz  2005-12-14 22:27 UTC -------
Sorry, cpufreq appears to be compiled in.

michaelrlt$ grep 'vmlinux.*cpufreq' /boot/abi-2.6.15-7-k7 
vmlinux __cpufreq_driver_target 0x58dee4ae
vmlinux cpufreq_cpu_get 0xe1eef8a2
vmlinux cpufreq_cpu_put 0x025478da
vmlinux cpufreq_driver_target 0xbaa86595
vmlinux cpufreq_get 0x9305f8e6
vmlinux cpufreq_get_policy 0x12201723
vmlinux cpufreq_gov_performance 0x056fe76a
vmlinux cpufreq_governor 0xc2018172
vmlinux cpufreq_notify_transition 0xe6488b47
vmlinux cpufreq_parse_governor 0x7942705e
vmlinux cpufreq_register_driver 0x7bcb44d3
vmlinux cpufreq_register_governor 0x149a0780
vmlinux cpufreq_register_notifier 0xadaa2657
vmlinux cpufreq_set_policy 0xba76b2be
vmlinux cpufreq_unregister_driver 0xea49dd0f
vmlinux cpufreq_unregister_governor 0xecb7c5a4
vmlinux cpufreq_unregister_notifier 0x3b3016d3
vmlinux cpufreq_update_policy 0x8664f62e

michaelrlt$ lsmod | grep cpufreq
cpufreq_stats           6912  0 
cpufreq_powersave       2240  0 
cpufreq_ondemand        8104  0 
cpufreq_conservative     9256  0 
cpufreq_userspace       6816  0 
freq_table              5152  1 cpufreq_stats

michaelrlt$ sudo modprobe cpufreq debug=3
FATAL: Module cpufreq not found.
michaelrlt$ sudo modprobe powernow-k7
FATAL: Error inserting powernow_k7
No such device

Only output in dmesg is:

[17267051.648000] powernow: PowerNOW! Technology present. Can scale: frequency
and voltage.

(Obviously enough!)

Is there any way to change the debug parameter for the compiled in module?

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