[Bug 15530] usplash flickery/distorted on Dell Inspiron 2600 (Intel 830M chipset)

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------- Additional Comments From ben.collins at ubuntu.com  2005-12-14 20:58 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #3)
> I don't have time to install an entire Dapper release at this time. Is it
> possible/advisable to install just the dapper kernel packages into a Breezy
> install? If so, should I just download the packages manually and dpkg -i them?

It is possible to upgrade, if you update /etc/apt/sources.list to point to
dapper instead of breezy, and then do:

apt-get install linux-686 usplash

Replace "686" with whatever kernel you normally use (e.g. 386, 686, k7).
WARNING: You cannot downgrade, nor run your 2.6.12 kernel once doing this. You
will be able to boot back to 2.6.12, but because udev is not compatible, you may
not see all of your devices (USB storage, network, etc).

> If this isn't possible, I'll try things out with the Colony CDs in the next
> while and will get back to you then.

Not Colony, the dapper dev cd's are called Flight, and right now you can
download Flight 2 (fresh off the server!).

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