[Bug 12739] Kernel Panic using any AMD64 SMP kernel /w Athlon64 X2

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ryan at spacecoaster.org changed:

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------- Additional Comments From ryan at spacecoaster.org  2005-12-14 18:28 UTC -------
Ben, thanks for your response. Do you mean instead of 2.6.15-7?

Also, does this mean that there won't be a fix for Breezy?

Ronald, can you confirm that my patch really removed Ben's AMD64/SMP patch from
the final source? I'm questioning my ability to create a patch rather than your
ability to apply one. :) Basically, before you build your kernel, there should
be no smp_call_function_single in


Note that I'm no kernel hacker; I just tried removing these bits because the
problem only manifested itself on AMD64/SMP.

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