[Bug 14795] Irda: nsc-ircc needs module options to work correctly

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------- Additional Comments From mika.fischer at gmx.de  2005-12-14 00:01 UTC -------
mika at linuxbox:~$ sudo lspnp
01 PNP0c02 Motherboard resources
02 PNP0c01 System board
03 PNP0200 AT DMA controller
04 PNP0000 AT programmable interrupt controller
05 PNP0100 AT system timer
06 PNP0b00 AT real-time clock
07 PNP0303 IBM enhanced keyboard (101/102-key, PS/2 mouse support)
08 PNP0c04 Math coprocessor
09 PNP0800 AT-style speaker sound
0a PNP0a03 PCI bus
0b PNP0c02 Motherboard resources
0c INT0800 memory controller: flash
0d PNP0c02 Motherboard resources
0e PNP0c02 Motherboard resources
11 IBM0057 input device: mouse
12 PNP0501 16550A-compatible COM port
13 IBM0071 IBM Thinkpad infrared port
17 PNP0401 ECP printer port
19 PNP0e03 Intel 82365-compatible CardBus controller

mika at linuxbox:~$ sudo lspnp -v
13 IBM0071 IBM Thinkpad infrared port
        dma 3
        io 0x02f8-0x02ff
        irq 3

17 PNP0401 ECP printer port
        dma 0
        io 0x03bc-0x03bf
        io 0x07bc-0x07bf
        irq 7

I hope this helps. Let me know if I can help in any other way.

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