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------- Additional Comments From cpinto at yimports.com  2005-12-13 22:40 UTC -------
Apparently it stopped crashing but the problem cause apparently didn't go away.

Using the kernel 2.6.15-7-686 I noticed that my wlan card stopped responding
(ipw2200 is the driver) and suddenly I started having a 100% processor occupancy.

I checked the output of top and the result was:
    3 root      39  19     0    0    0 R 81.2  0.0   4:04.01 ksoftirqd/0

The /var/log/kern.log included this info:
Dec 13 22:14:02 localhost kernel: [17275286.436000] ipw2200: Firmware error
detected.  Restarting.
Dec 13 22:14:02 localhost kernel: [17275286.436000] ipw2200: Sysfs 'error' log
already exists.

multiple times.

I was on a very active SSH session (tailing log files). When I first reported
this crash, I was transferring large files to a remote server. 

Could it be that ipw2200 doesn't cope with highly active connections?

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