[Bug 18164] CPU fan not activating on HP NX6125

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------- Additional Comments From ubuntu-bugs at nullinfinity.org  2005-12-13 06:46 UTC -------
I did have acpid running. I killed acpid and my script and did "cat
/proc/acpi/event" and ran glxgears.

No events at all appeared. I then restarted my script which reported a
temperature of 60 degrees for TZ1. When the script started the fan kicked in
immediately and I saw an event

thermal_zone TZ1 00000081 00000000

... and when the fan stopped it printed the same thing again.

# cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/*/trip_points
critical (S5):           95 C
passive:                 88 C: tc1=1 tc2=2 tsp=100 devices=0xffff8100379e7bc0
active[0]:               80 C: devices=0xffff810036852d00
active[1]:               75 C: devices=0xffff810036852bc0
active[2]:               65 C: devices=0xffff810036852ac0
active[3]:               58 C: devices=0xffff8100368529c0
critical (S5):           100 C
passive:                 90 C: tc1=1 tc2=2 tsp=300 devices=0xffff8100379e7bc0
critical (S5):           100 C
passive:                 60 C: tc1=1 tc2=2 tsp=300 devices=0xffff8100379e7bc0

I don't know if you're aware of some of the patches that were posted by a couple
of Intel's ACPI guys in the bug at
http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5534 . In any case, no one has
reported that the patches solved their problems.

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