[Bug 20814] G5 Kubuntu & Ubuntu Live or HD install pci error

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Mon Dec 12 04:08:40 UTC 2005

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------- Additional Comments From secure at vco.se  2005-12-12 04:08 UTC -------
o.k heres what it spits out when i hit enter or try some of the other options i
mentioned earlier
allthough i'm wondering about this list of commands for g3,g4,g5 ?

Anyway from coldboot this is what i get when holding c on the DVD
burnt iso.

opening display /pci at 0,f0000000/ATY/RocketParent at 10/ATY,Rocket_B at 1_

Hopefully i jotted that down right and with any luck this  explains the issue?

With any luck it's not even a bug just me being a twit on install or something
can you send me a quick walk through of whhat you guys did to get it working on
your G5's?

And if it's just me scrap my entry i'm still new to this Fedora seems to be
wanting to give it a go on this machine but i don't know if they sussed the fan
issue yet.

Whereas ubuntu has i gather?

I noticed things aren't burning proper on the G5 yet if i get the win machine
to do it fine i suspect my burners out of alignment or something because a lot
of disks/iso's seem to burn better using nero on win machines.

That or the conspiracy theorists are right.

Anyway hope this helps in some way.

Good to see more work being done with PPC it's been a nightmare
on OS X you can't even run bind these days without complications

Many thanks for making an alternative.

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