[Bug 14898] colony 4 live ppc64 crashes starting gnome desktop on imac g5

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------- Additional Comments From lgrover at zoominternet.net  2005-12-11 18:12 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #5)
> I had this same problem on my G4 under breezy. Never figured out what the cause
> was, but it's fixed in dapper.

Well, unfortunately, it is not fixed, at least not on my system (iMac G5 rev 1)
and not with the Dapper Drake Flight 1 live CD.

The error messages about the sbp2 module are gone, but the system still freezes
when the gnome desktop starts.  As in my original bug report, the system freezes
with a plain "ubuntu" brown background and a mouse pointer frozen in the middle
of the screen.  At this point, the system is totally nonresponsive:  keyboard
and mouse input has no effect, the system does not respond to pings over the

I have some additional information which I did not have previously.  I hope that
some of this may be helpful.

(1) Networking is functional up until the desktop starts.  When I switch to a
console, I can see that my ethernet adapter is configured and I can ping my
gateway.  Once the desktop starts, networking seems to be dead (no response when
I ping the system from another location on my network).

(2) USB support is not working correctly.  The keyboard (apple USB keyboard)
remains funtional up until the desktop starts.  If I immediately switch to a
console when the desktop begins to load, the keyboard remains functional for
several seconds, then dies.  If I unplug the keyboard (mouse remains plugged
in), I get two "USB disconnect" messages for two different addresses (3 and 4).
 If I replug the keyboard, I get a message ("usb 1-2: new full speed USB device
using ohci_hcd and address 5"), however, the keyboard is non-functional and is
unpowered -- the "Caps Lock" light will not come on.  Addition, rounds of
unplugging and plugging the keyboard fail to trigger a console message.  I see
more or less the same thing with my mouse (Logitech optical scroll mouse):  if I
unplug and replug it, the LED goes out and does not re-illuminate.

(3) If I switch to a conole during the live session start up, I see a series of
error messages which seem related to pbbuttonsd:

*Starting pbbuttonsd
[  422.298830] ioctl132(pbbuttonsd:26921: Unknown cmd fd(3) cmd(40084502)(00)
arg(ffda20d0) on /dev/input/event0
[  422.330266] ioctl132(pbbuttonsd:26921: Unknown cmd fd(3) cmd(40084502)(00)
arg(ffda20d0) on /dev/input/event1
[  422.346124] ioctl132(pbbuttonsd:26921: Unknown cmd fd(3) cmd(40084502)(00)
arg(ffda20d0) on /dev/input/event2
[  422.361612] ioctl132(pbbuttonsd:26921: Unknown cmd fd(3) cmd(40084502)(00)
arg(ffda20d0) on /dev/input/event3
[  422.377038] ioctl132(pbbuttonsd:26921: Unknown cmd fd(3) cmd(40084502)(00)
arg(ffda20d0) on /dev/input/event4
ERROR: The file 'dev'pmu' doesn't exist.

(4) The Ubuntu graphical boot splash screen (usplash I think?) looks weird --
like it's being rendered with only a few colors (8-16).

When using the live CD, is there any way to prevent gdm/gnome desktop from
starting?  I might be able to get more information if I was able to use the
system for a longer period of time before it freezes.

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