[Bug 20613] network connectivity troubles on IBM T30

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------- Additional Comments From fantasai.bugs at inkedblade.net  2005-12-10 23:41 UTC -------
I'm using Ubuntu 5.10.

> Mine don't do that. One thing I know is that the dhcp client only does what it
> is told. IOW, it should be respecting the lease time that the dhcp server gave it.

I didn't have this problem on a Gentoo 2.4 kernel or with Windows 2k. Did the 2.4
kernel /not/ respect the lease time that the dhcp server gave it? Does Windows also
ignore the lease time that the dhcp server gives?

How do I find out what lease time the dhcp server is giving? If it's a problem with
the network servers, I can certainly forward it to them. But I don't think anybody
else is having the same problems I am, which means it's a problem with the software
on my computer. (And I checked with the admins, it's affecting both ethernet and
wireless, so it's not a driver problem with orinoco_pci.)

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