[Bug 17517] linux-headers-* require gcc-3.4

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------- Additional Comments From waldbie at verizon.net  2005-12-10 16:36 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #3)
> gcc-3.4 is the correct compiler to use for the kernel.
> The only more helpful thing we could do here would be to make the linux-headers
> packages depend on gcc-3.4, though currently they don't depend on any compiler.

It would be nice if the version of gcc required to build things like ethernet or
modem drivers were included on the install CD.  That way, users that try to
build drivers from source would not face a chicken-and-egg problem of how to get
on the Internet to get the correct version of gcc so they can build drivers to
get on the Internet.  I have noticed quite a few people with network hardware
problems face this challenge, and it is confusing to explain to them how to
download the .deb files they need, how to install them, etc.

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