[Bug 12070] Compaq 1850R crash during install and while running

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------- Additional Comments From ben.collins at ubuntu.com  2005-12-09 20:48 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #7)
> I wouldn't call disabling a NIC that I use daily as a good fix for *this*
problem, at least. 
> This must be addressing something else, because disabling USB solved the
problems for me.  These systems have 
> been rock solid for months (113 days so far). 
> And since there *is no USB* on a Compaq 1850R, disabling the USB subsystem is
the workaround which is most 
> palatable.  It makes sense to me.  But that doesn't mean that this shouldn't
be addressed more appropriately.  
> Perhaps the usb driver writer should identify that the 1850R doesn't have USB
and not allow the module to 
> load? 

If there is no usb, then no usb modules should be loaded. The hotplug subsystem
only loads drivers for which it finds a device on the system (in this case,
based on the PCI device/vendor ID's).

I think your problem is related to something else. Please see:


And try to gather some more information about the crash. Please use latest
breezy for these tests. You can use the liveCD if you do not want to do an

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