[Bug 11541] No framebuffer for sis chipset

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------- Additional Comments From bersace03 at free.fr  2005-08-22 21:26 UTC -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> The sisfb module is enormous, really too big to go in fb-modules IMHO if there's
> any possible alternative. Can't this device be made to work at least somewhat
> with vesafb or vga16fb instead?

Using vesafb or vga16fb make the screen green and oily !! (like pigeon's shit).
Very horrible.

This is very stressfull when usplash is available because the whole boot process
is a "moving shit" in the screen. Luckily, Xorg run.

Is it possible to include THE ONLY module needed for fb in the initrd ?


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