[ubuntu/karmic] gnome-user-docs 2.28.0+git20090921ubuntu2 (Accepted)

Matthew East mdke at ubuntu.com
Sun Oct 18 23:11:44 BST 2009

gnome-user-docs (2.28.0+git20090921ubuntu2) karmic; urgency=low

  * Update translations from Rosetta (LP: #451623)
  * Update DOC_LINGUAS for new translations
  * Fix Vcs-Bzr field to point at the current branch
  * debian/control.in - replace iso-codes with isoquery in depends

Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 11:48:36 +0100
Changed-By: Matthew East <mdke at ubuntu.com>
Maintainer: Ubuntu Desktop Team <ubuntu-desktop at lists.ubuntu.com>
Signed-By: Matthew East <matthew.east at gmail.com>
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Format: 1.8
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2009 11:48:36 +0100
Source: gnome-user-docs
Binary: gnome-user-guide gnome-user-guide-ar gnome-user-guide-ast gnome-user-guide-be gnome-user-guide-bg gnome-user-guide-ca gnome-user-guide-cs gnome-user-guide-da gnome-user-guide-de gnome-user-guide-dv gnome-user-guide-el gnome-user-guide-en gnome-user-guide-eo gnome-user-guide-es gnome-user-guide-et gnome-user-guide-eu gnome-user-guide-fi gnome-user-guide-fr gnome-user-guide-gl gnome-user-guide-gu gnome-user-guide-he gnome-user-guide-hu gnome-user-guide-id gnome-user-guide-is gnome-user-guide-it gnome-user-guide-ja gnome-user-guide-ko gnome-user-guide-lv gnome-user-guide-ms gnome-user-guide-nb gnome-user-guide-ne gnome-user-guide-nl gnome-user-guide-nn gnome-user-guide-oc gnome-user-guide-pa gnome-user-guide-pl gnome-user-guide-pt gnome-user-guide-ro gnome-user-guide-ru gnome-user-guide-sk gnome-user-guide-sq gnome-user-guide-sv gnome-user-guide-th gnome-user-guide-tr gnome-user-guide-uk gnome-user-guide-vi gnome-user-guide-zh
Architecture: source
Version: 2.28.0+git20090921ubuntu2
Distribution: karmic
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ubuntu Desktop Team <ubuntu-desktop at lists.ubuntu.com>
Changed-By: Matthew East <mdke at ubuntu.com>
 gnome-user-guide - GNOME user's guide
 gnome-user-guide-ar - GNOME user's guide (Arabic)
 gnome-user-guide-ast - GNOME user's guide (Asturian)
 gnome-user-guide-be - GNOME user's guide (Belarusian)
 gnome-user-guide-bg - GNOME user's guide (Bulgarian)
 gnome-user-guide-ca - GNOME user's guide (Catalan)
 gnome-user-guide-cs - GNOME user's guide (Czech)
 gnome-user-guide-da - GNOME user's guide (Danish)
 gnome-user-guide-de - GNOME user's guide (German)
 gnome-user-guide-dv - GNOME user's guide (Divehi)
 gnome-user-guide-el - GNOME user's guide (Greek, Modern (1453-))
 gnome-user-guide-en - GNOME user's guide (English)
 gnome-user-guide-eo - GNOME user's guide (Esperanto)
 gnome-user-guide-es - GNOME user's guide (Spanish)
 gnome-user-guide-et - GNOME user's guide (Estonian)
 gnome-user-guide-eu - GNOME user's guide (Basque)
 gnome-user-guide-fi - GNOME user's guide (Finnish)
 gnome-user-guide-fr - GNOME user's guide (French)
 gnome-user-guide-gl - GNOME user's guide (Galician)
 gnome-user-guide-gu - GNOME user's guide (Gujarati)
 gnome-user-guide-he - GNOME user's guide (Hebrew)
 gnome-user-guide-hu - GNOME user's guide (Hungarian)
 gnome-user-guide-id - GNOME user's guide (Indonesian)
 gnome-user-guide-is - GNOME user's guide (Icelandic)
 gnome-user-guide-it - GNOME user's guide (Italian)
 gnome-user-guide-ja - GNOME user's guide (Japanese)
 gnome-user-guide-ko - GNOME user's guide (Korean)
 gnome-user-guide-lv - GNOME user's guide (Latvian)
 gnome-user-guide-ms - GNOME user's guide (Malay)
 gnome-user-guide-nb - GNOME user's guide (Bokmål, Norwegian)
 gnome-user-guide-ne - GNOME user's guide (Nepali)
 gnome-user-guide-nl - GNOME user's guide (Dutch)
 gnome-user-guide-nn - GNOME user's guide (Norwegian Nynorsk)
 gnome-user-guide-oc - GNOME user's guide (Occitan (post 1500))
 gnome-user-guide-pa - GNOME user's guide (Panjabi)
 gnome-user-guide-pl - GNOME user's guide (Polish)
 gnome-user-guide-pt - GNOME user's guide (Portuguese)
 gnome-user-guide-ro - GNOME user's guide (Romanian)
 gnome-user-guide-ru - GNOME user's guide (Russian)
 gnome-user-guide-sk - GNOME user's guide (Slovak)
 gnome-user-guide-sq - GNOME user's guide (Albanian)
 gnome-user-guide-sv - GNOME user's guide (Swedish)
 gnome-user-guide-th - GNOME user's guide (Thai)
 gnome-user-guide-tr - GNOME user's guide (Turkish)
 gnome-user-guide-uk - GNOME user's guide (Ukrainian)
 gnome-user-guide-vi - GNOME user's guide (Vietnamese)
 gnome-user-guide-zh - GNOME user's guide (Chinese)
 gnome-user-docs (2.28.0+git20090921ubuntu2) karmic; urgency=low
   * Update translations from Rosetta (LP: #451623)
   * Update DOC_LINGUAS for new translations
   * Fix Vcs-Bzr field to point at the current branch
   * debian/control.in - replace iso-codes with isoquery in depends
 679db176db177b57ccfcb31d973b9c89db0ab284 2064 gnome-user-docs_2.28.0+git20090921ubuntu2.dsc
 356c7beebb08dec01d3cf4b376e989fc8f4c9544 22773896 gnome-user-docs_2.28.0+git20090921ubuntu2.tar.gz
 a44d413e5f70b56c3d9ab4a9c6adb5e6c2c0ad16e7db787f379fac6e32c9c7d6 2064 gnome-user-docs_2.28.0+git20090921ubuntu2.dsc
 94fc2918183f4cf4746670a7778b9d4d2750b9dd0814a34b9b67591079ed7877 22773896 gnome-user-docs_2.28.0+git20090921ubuntu2.tar.gz
 f8154e22ea67cff353531261c9322f21 2064 gnome optional gnome-user-docs_2.28.0+git20090921ubuntu2.dsc
 70ca00c8a87672dc166ef5806eb74ddf 22773896 gnome optional gnome-user-docs_2.28.0+git20090921ubuntu2.tar.gz
Launchpad-Bugs-Fixed: 451623
Original-Maintainer: Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo <jsogo at debian.org>

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