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Tue May 29 15:45:05 UTC 2018

On Mon, May 28, 2018 at 10:23:21PM -0700, James Beedy wrote:
>I want to shed some light on a few blockers for me right now.
>2) Maas needs better support for 3rd party drivers.
>      * Getting my Mellanox drivers hooked up at commissioning so maas recognizes the 40Gb interfaces is taking me a few weeks now. Supporting user defined 3rd party driver should be a primary supported capability of MAAS.
>      * how are people doing Hadoop,and Ceph and Openstack without this, possibly someone knows something I don’t know here?

Hello James,

I believe that MAAS 2.x's nodes-scripts (Hardware Testing and
Commissioning scripts) might be helpful for any custom code or
drivers you might want to inject in the commissioning process.

Here is a link to the guide for these scripts.  I might suggest
the cript example for "Configure HPA" might provide a good template for
how you might want to inject a Mellanox driver/config into your build.

The MAAS server has a web server serving out a docroot from
/var/www/htdocs where you can drop any files you might want to curl/wget
from your scripts.  I believe there are environment variables for the
preseeds for the IP of the MAAS server for your URL.

You might also notice that you can have the script automatically install
packages from any of apt, snap, or URL.  You can even tag the script to
automatically run on hardware with a specific PCI ID. with the
for_hardware metadata field.

Documentation on managing these scripts via the CLI is here:

In MAAS 1 environments, one would have to update the curtin preseeds
manually in /etc/maas/preseeds to inject scripts of this type.

I do not know if the commissioning scripts also happen at deployment
time (doubtful), but hopefully the install of your chosen OS will
include the drivers needed, or you've found that you can add an Ubuntu
package repository or PPA that contains your packages to be installed

I hope this information helps.


>Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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