SSH to machines from add-user

Tom Barber tom at
Fri May 11 10:11:27 UTC 2018

Hello folks

IRC has failed me so lets try the wider world.

We have a multinode manual cloud deployed. We have juju add-user 2 new 
users and also juju add-ssh-key for those users.

We know the ssh key works because

ssh ubuntu@<host>

works fine and we can sudo -i etc and do stuff.


juju ssh <machine number>


ERROR permission denied (unauthorized access)
11:05:18 DEBUG cmd supercommand.go:459 error stack:
permission denied (unauthorized access)

I've looked at the code and it claims we can

juju ssh ubuntu@<machine number> -i <key>

that fails with the same error.

If I tail the target servers auth.log there isn't even a failed login 
attempt which strikes me as a little weird considering it says

permission denied (unauthorized access)

Which does make me question... what permission is denied?


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