juju 2.3.3 failing to bootstrap localhost

David Britton david.britton at canonical.com
Wed Feb 21 21:47:08 UTC 2018

On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 04:11:44PM -0500, fengxia wrote:
> Hi Juju,
> Is anyone seeing this? I'm running the same setup as yesterday's, then
> updated `apt update && apt upgrade` this morning. All of a sudden `juju
> bootstrap localhost ..` stuck at Attempting to connect. LXC container was
> created and had an IP, but juju won't connect somehow?
> 1. Tried reconfiguring LXD to different network addresses, not helpful.
> 2. Made sure `.local/share/juju/ssh/juju_id_rsa` has mode 0600
> Any idea what to try?

If you have your lxd container created, you can get access to it

lxc list
lxc exec <container> bash
# look in /var/log/cloud*, /var/log/juju/*,
# /var/log/syslog, etc for errors

Also, you can run your `juju bootstrap` in --debug mode, which gives a
lot more data.

David Britton <david.britton at canonical.com>

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