JAAS confusion

Tom Barber tom at spicule.co.uk
Mon Oct 9 17:42:34 UTC 2017

Hello folks

Couple of random questions:

juju destroy-model mymodel
WARNING! This command will destroy the "mymodel" model.
This includes all machines, applications, data and other resources.

Continue [y/N]? y
ERROR cannot connect to API: model "mymodel" has been removed from the
controller, run 'juju models' and switch to one of them.
There are 6 accessible models on controller "jaas".

juju models
Controller: jaas

Model      Cloud/Region   Status     Machines  Cores  Access  Last
mymodel    aws/eu-west-1  available         5      9  -       never

2 things in this output, firstly how do I delete the model that seems stuck?

secondly what is the 6 accessible models bit talking about?


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