Navin Sridharan navinsridharan at ymail.com
Mon Nov 27 22:22:22 UTC 2017

Hi all,
I am fairly new to JUJU and am currently working on deploying OAI (Open Air Interface) on OPNFV using JOID installer. 
H/W used : HP- Proliant DL380G6 G6 bare metal box OS              : Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial
I have spun up 3 VM's using MAAS (Metal as a Service) that's been deployed in the bare metal box. JUJU has been installed in the bare metal and I am trying to bootstrap it to Openstack cloud whose control and compute nodes are hosted on these VM's. Ultimate objective is to deploy OAI model using JUJU in the Openstack cloud.
During bootsrapping using the below command, it throws an error "failed to bootstrap model: cannot start bootstrap instance: cannot run instance: No valid host was found."  I believe the issue is with the Openstack's network UUID that's passed on as a parameter while bootstrapping. juju bootstrap openstack --debug --config image-metadata-url=$SWIFT_URL/simplestreams/images --config use-floating-ip=true --config network=private Below given is the snippet from the error log:  10:36:16 DEBUG juju.provider.openstack provider.go:1022 using network id "383fd64b-4c4c-497d-809d-3bcf8ed72e1c"10:36:20 INFO  juju.provider.openstack provider.go:1146 trying to build instance in availability zone "nova"10:36:33 INFO  juju.provider.openstack provider.go:1126 Instance "78df0280-a1f0-4993-8416-c0be69050a11" in ERROR state with fault "No valid host was found. "10:36:33 INFO  juju.provider.openstack provider.go:1127 Deleting instance "78df0280-a1f0-4993-8416-c0be69050a11" in ERROR state10:36:33 INFO  juju.provider.openstack provider.go:1155 failed to build instance in availability zone "nova"10:36:33 ERROR juju.cmd.juju.commands bootstrap.go:496 failed to bootstrap model: cannot start bootstrap instance: cannot run instance: No valid host was found.  
>From the error log I see that it uses network id "383fd64b-4c4c-497d-809d-3bcf8ed72e1c" which is the network id of private subnet and I confirmed that from the Openstack GUI (PFA screenshot), but then fails to bootstrap. I am stuck at this point in time and any response would be considered more than a help. Thank you all!!

Regards,Navin S
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