VMWare support in 2.3-rc1.1

Merlijn Sebrechts merlijn.sebrechts at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 14:53:45 UTC 2017

Hi all

I've been trying out Juju 2.3-rc1.1 on VMware. Good work on this, we were
finally able to create a functional controller on our cluster!

There are however still a couple of issues I wanted to bring to your
attention. The most serious one is that LXD support seems to be broken
(more than on other non-maas clouds).

Our network setup is the following: We have two networks: a
`primary-network`, running a dhcp server with ddns, and a
`external-network` where users need to add an IP address manually. This is
because public ip's are very scarce in our organization and we can't just
give Juju an entire range.

Juju seems to handle this pretty well: when a VM is created, it is attached
to both networks, but it only gets an IP on the `primary-network`. That IP
is then also used as `public-address` for the VM. When a user manually adds
a public IP to the interface, Juju picks that up after a few minutes, and
uses that ip as `public-address`. This is exactly what we want, good job!

These are the issues we're still having:

   - LXD support is broken: with the current network setup, creating an LXD
   container on a VM makes the VM unreachable. If we remove the
   `external-network` from the setup, LXD containers never come up.:

   - The default constraints VM's differs between EC2/VMware. Is this
   intentional? It causes some bundles to fail since they don't get enough RAM.

   - Firewaller doesn't work: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/1732665

   - cloud-init warns about the cloud being reported as "EC2":

   - When you remove a VM with Juju, the vmdk disk image is deleted from
   _all_ datastores, instead of only the one where juju put the image. This
   might pose a problem if people use a datastore as a backup.

Kind regards
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