Juju vs Openshift

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Tue Jun 27 08:31:38 UTC 2017

Hi Giuseppe

On Tue, Jun 27, 2017 at 9:32 AM Giuseppe Attardi <giuseppe.attardi at garr.it>

> Some Italian public administration are considering purchasing cloud
> services for Big Data analytics deployed on Openshift.
> How this solution would compare with using a Kubernetes cluster deployed
> through Juju?
> More in general, what is the strategic outlook of container platforms vs
> virtualization platforms?
> Are the former ones going to overcome the latter?

There is never a solution that fits all. Some will prefer cloud, some will
like application containers, some will prefer machine containers. We are
already in container world, while the cloud is still around. And obviously,
bare metal machines are still here. So is VMware.

In the end, one should not limit its own business to one specific
infrastructure technology. In fact, one should look to be as flexible as
possible with infrastructure. Obviously, there is a lot of cost in
maintaining flexible anything.

The way it looks today, Kubernetes is currently shaping up to be the the
leader in docker orchestration. But, who knows what future brings, right?

With juju there is one thing you can be sure of - whatever future brings,
juju will be there, capable of connecting different infrastructure
solutions. I know it sounds questionable coming from a Canonical employee,
but It really is a unique strength. Being able to preserve operations
knowledge and people while the world is rapidly changing around you is very
cost effective.
Ante Karamatić
ante.karamatic at canonical.com
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