Italian federated cloud runs Juju

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Hi Merlijn,

As far as I know, this is only authentication federation. It might fit into
a single use-case but you will have independent clouds where projects don't
have anything in common on different installations (e.g. quotas, security
groups, resource limits etc. will not be synchronized in any way). VXLAN
connectivity between sites will not be possible in this case as clouds
don't know anything about each other.

It is a good project and I am definitely glad that they use our tools for

If you think about the ETSI Architecture, Juju is a VNF Manager and there
should be a VNFM per site with an orchestrator on top in that model.

In general, there are multiple approaches to handling multi-site
deployments (each with its trade-offs) which are mentioned in a great blog
post written after the OpenStack Summit this year:

Just wanted to share that in case you are interested in multi-site
deployments and how does Juju fit in these.

No approach is preferable in my view as there are different requirements
and use-cases.

Best Regards,
Dmitrii Shcherbakov

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On Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 11:49 AM, Merlijn Sebrechts <
merlijn.sebrechts at> wrote:

> Hi all
> I came accross a paper talking about the Italian GARR federated cloud
> <>, running Juju from the bottom to
> the top. It's by the same guy that made one of the Jupyter notebook charms.
> A multi-zone MAAS cluster with Juju-deployed OpenStack and Juju on top of
> that.
> Their website:
> They're even advertising the bundles on their own website and linking to
> the charm store for more applications:
> Sounds like they're doing cool stuff with Juju, try to get them on the
> Juju show!
> Kind regards
> Merlijn
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