We are excited to announce the release of Juju 2.2.1!

Burton Swan burton.swan at canonical.com
Fri Jun 23 10:15:09 UTC 2017

This release further enhances the performance improvements delivered in
2.2.0, as well as fixing some bugs that missed the cut for 2.2.0. Notable
inclusions are:

* frequent database writes (for logging and agent pings) are batched to
significantly reduce database I/O
* cleanup of log noise to make observing true errors much easier
* status history is now pruned whereas before a bug prevented that from
happening leading to unbounded growth
* update-status interval configurable (this value must be set when
bootstrapping or performing add-model via the --config option; any changes
after that are not noticed until a Juju restart)
* debug-log include/exclude arguments now more user friendly (as for
commands like juju ssh, you now specify machine/unit names instead of tags;
"rabbitmq-server/0" instead of "unit-rabbitmq-server-0".

conjure-up remains at version 2.2.0 but the snap has been updated to bundle
this new Juju 2.2.1 version.

## How can I get it?

The best way to get your hands on this release of Juju and conjure-up is to
install them via snap packages (see https://snapcraft.io for more info on

         snap install juju --classic
         snap install conjure-up --classic

Other packages are available for a variety of platforms. Please see the
online documentation at:


Those subscribed to a snap channel should be automatically upgraded. If
you’re using the ppa/homebrew, you should see an upgrade available.

For highlights of this release, please see the documentation at:


Further details are below:

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