multi model/cloud deploy (how to deploy kubernates-workers in multitenant openstack)

Patrizio Bassi patrizio.bassi at
Fri Jun 16 09:05:42 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I have a need somehow similar (at least in the background) to what reported
in the thread "How to Move a machine and its application from a Model to
Another "( ).

I deployed an openstack environment using juju bundles, this cloud hosts
several applications and tenants.

Coming to the Kubernates deploy, openstack is a "nested" provider for juju,
the cloud is created and bootstrapped setting the openstack tenant/project
(juju "tenant-name") we called "shared tenant". A minimal Kubernates setup
is installed in this "shared" tenant. So far so good!

We would like to deploy some kubernates-workers in other tenants, so each
project can benefit the "shared" installation, monitoring, admin console,
but run their own workload in their tenant space, so charge-back and quotas
apply for instance.

juju add-unit kubernates-worker can only allow in the same model, so the
same cloud.

Can we just force with --to statement? while for MaaS managed machine it's
enough to have a known "ready" machine, it's not clear to me if in
openstack i can do the same.
1) create a xenial ubuntu instance with network connectivity to
juju-controller in "shared tenant"
2) tell juju to deploy the kubernates-worker units in that instance

For instance, in case of unit-destroy, i would expect juju not to have the
rights because the "tenant-name" is different.

I saw the add-unit has a -m switch. Can, as far as the user is allowed to
deploy, the -m switch be used to do a sort of "federation" between
If not, any plan to implement something like that?

Of course now i'm refering to the same cloud provider, but maybe in future
this can led to hybrid multi-cloud installation.

Thank you

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