juju deploy with a series

Daniel Bidwell drbidwell at gmail.com
Thu Jun 15 16:37:47 UTC 2017

I am trying to deploy a charm that I am writing for both ubuntu and
centos.  "lxc image alias list" produces:

lxc image alias list
|       ALIAS       | FINGERPRINT  |    DESCRIPTION    |
| centos7           | 41c7bb494bbd | centos7           |
| juju/xenial/amd64 | 1e59027d1d58 | juju/xenial/amd64 |
| ubuntu-xenial     | 1e59027d1d58 | ubuntu-xenial     |

"juju deploy ~/charms/xenial/aubase1 --series centos7 aubasecentos"
looks like it is starting, but a "juju status" produces:

juju status
Model    Controller  Cloud/Region         Version
default  lxd-test    localhost/localhost  2.1.2

App           Version  Status   Scale  Charm    Store  Rev  OS      Notes
aubase1                active       1  aubase1  local    5  ubuntu  
aubasecentos           waiting    0/1  aubase1  local    4  centos  

Unit            Workload  Agent       Machine  Public address  Ports  Message
aubase1/4*      active    idle        9          
aubasecentos/4  waiting   allocating  10                              waiting for machine

Machine  State    DNS            Inst id        Series   AZ
9        started  juju-a0c4c9-9  xenial   
10       down                    pending        centos7

What do I need to do to deploy a centos lxd container with my charm?
Daniel Bidwell <drbidwell at gmail.com>

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