Is base64 really the best way to use complex config values

Tilman Baumann tilman.baumann at
Thu Jun 8 16:38:38 UTC 2017

On 08.06.2017 13:39, Stuart Bishop wrote:
> It is only popular because people keep cargo culting it
> into their charms when it is unnecessary. I always call it out in
> reviews and get people to switch to unencoded text.

On the topic of cargo-culting.
I'm re-writing a charm right now. Partly because I must. But also partly
because I slightly disagree with the approach taken. (Simplicity vs.
future proofing)

In upgrade-charm, can I see from which version I'm coming? I need to do
cleanup when coming from a older version. I have other ways of detecting
that, but would be cool if it had a similar logic to dpkg postinst where
I get told where I'm coming from.

And how about changing config options? I like to split one option into
multiple. I could parse out the old values and transform them into the
new config fields. I don't expect that to be possible though.

What is the policy there. OK to break API? Can I remove options?
How will the user notice?


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