Is there a way to login to lxd containers of existing openstack?

John Meinel john at
Tue Jun 6 06:20:46 UTC 2017

'ssh ubuntu at IPADDRESS' generally works, as the 'ubuntu' user is the one
that is configured with .ssh/authorized_keys that match the keys described
by the model. I don't know what ssh keys you added to the model/what it was
bootstrapped with, but as long as you still have access to one of those ssh
keys you should be able to go in directly.


On Tue, Jun 6, 2017 at 9:15 AM, Sathyashankara bhat <smbhat at>

> Hi,
> I did deploy openstack using Autopilot and it was all fine.
> However last week the server on which juju controller for openstack setup
> was running got bricked. So, lost a way to juju ssh to any of the openstack
> hypervisors. Is there a way ssh to the openstack in absence of old juju
> controller?
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