CephFS Backend for Hadoop

Patrizio Bassi patrizio.bassi at gmail.com
Wed Jul 26 06:14:47 UTC 2017

Il giorno mer 26 lug 2017 alle 06:28 James Beedy <jamesbeedy at gmail.com> ha

> Hello all,
> I will be evaluating CephFS as a backend for Hadoop over the next few
> weeks, probably start investigating how this can be delivered via the
> charms in the morning. If anyone has ventured to this realm, or has an idea
> on what the best way to deliver this might be, I would love to hear from
> you.
> Thanks,
> James

I do!

Probably i won't be able to test before end of the year but i plan to host
hadoop clusters in openstack tenants and i would like to share the same
ceph osd providing infrastructural storage to openstack nova/cinder.

Deploying hadoop via juju in an openstack tenant requires a separate model
(as far as i could design it).
So we may use the new juju 2.2 cross model relation to relate the hadoop
charms to the openstack ceph units.

does it sound feasible?


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