I want to understand this juju charm innovation properly —

Simon Lafrenière simon.lafreniere09 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 02:44:14 UTC 2017


This seems like a good initiative. I want to know more. 

If someone could explain to me for what reason I could get paid using juju charms that would help me understand what I could do with this for clients.

I usually develop sites based on container images but I want to know for what else I could use this for. 

Are there lists of use cases and problems solved ?  

Can I power devices and do iot type of projects ? 

Is it about serving programs to user and teams of programmers ? 

can I connect maker type electronic projects and charms so that my arduino or raspberry py get to execute code and produce outcomes ? 

Who could I work with to experiment doing fun stuff with juju charms  ? 

Is there a list of videos of people showcasing their realizations with juju charms ? 

Thank you for reading and good day !

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